Wise Chick Pro Network is an online membership program offering live and recorded skill building classes, coaching, business strategies, resources and a support community to help you gain focus, develop systems and build a successful, thriving business. The Pro Network allows you to connect at your own pace with dozens of opportunities to learn and grow every month.


Are you a D.I.Y. girl? Then the Wise Chick Learning Center is your business resource. With 24/7 access to practical advice, downloadable resources and support, including the Business Build-Her Bundled Courses. The center provides an A-Z business building strategy for the

do-it-yourself entrepreneur.




Enhance Your Business

In the modern age of marketing, it takes more than a website and a social media page to engage an audience and grow your business. Bring your brand off the page, out of the computer and into the lives of your ideal consumer using our Wise Chick Brand Intelligence and Automated Marketing Systems.


Our Wise Chick Smart Money Management works with you to create a customized business financial plan. We’ll focus on key financial goals, create a budget system, an effective pricing model and put key money management systems in place to help you manage and track your business activity to gain insight to make smart money choices to build a better business.





Elevate your dreams

Wise Chick Coaching is personalized attention focused on your business goals. You set the agenda and Wise Chick brings insight, strategies and resources to help you to help you run a better business and get results.


Wise Chick Consulting is a one on one customized program that will elevate your business and make your dreams your reality.  We'll work with you side by side, in the trenches of everyday tasks to uncover the roadblocks and challenges that are holding you from success. We’ll build the business you dream of, so you can enjoy a life you love




Wise Chick is dedicated to helping you to become a successful entrepreneur;

Build a better business. Enjoy a life you love!

With her expertise, hands-on business style, award-winning financial experience and her Six Sigma Certification in Finance, Sandra Price

knows business. Immersed in the world of entrepreneurship at an early age, She has learned the value of leadership, service and an uncompromising work ethic.


With the founding of the Wise Chick's business development strategy and programming, Sandra has devoted her educatation, skills and experience to helping other entrepreneurs at all stages of their career – from business skill building, fundamentals and profitablity to advising on complex systems and processes in developed businesses, Sandra and the Wise Chick Team are on a mission to change the way successful business is done. "Our #1 focus is to help you build the business you dream of and enjoy the life you love."



Sandra Price


We are Wise Chick.

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