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Will Your Bubble Burst?

 April 11, 2017


We are fully engaged in a new bubble. Let’s call it the Launch Bubble. With technology at our fingertips, hundreds unable to find a new job in this last decade and an increased desire to work from home, led many to create their own job and launch their own business.



The Perfect Pitch

April 6, 2017


The perfect pitch, has the power to change everything. In voice you can create the perfect pitch with a beautiful sound that touches the heart and soul. And in business, you create the perfect pitch to establish trust, increase engagement to build a better business



Accountability – The Glue That Ties Commitment to Result

February 2, 2017


Here are some tips to having an effective accountability partner relationship.


1. Be in the moment and respectful of the time commitment.




Build It Like a BOSS Podcasts

Know Your Role In Making Money

Lunch & Learn with Wise Chicks featuring Sandra Price, Senior Business Advisor

Lunch & Learn with Wise Chicks featuring Attorney Amy Toepper

long-term view, a lifelong journey. Entrepreneurship isn’t what you learn – it’s what you become.


Founder and senior business advisor, Sandra Price is entrepreneurship, personified. Working in the family business at a very early age, she learned the value of leadership and an uncompromising work ethic.


Over the years, Sandra’s focus on business led to the ownership and partnership of many small businesses. Her experience, financial education, along with a holistic approach to entrepreneurship were the catalyst to developing the L.I.V.E. Success Strategy and B.O.S.S. Business Operating Systems of Success; two dynamic philosophies that truly change the way we think about business today.


Using these strategies, Sandra helps her clients identify their goals and develop strategic plans and resources to achieve them. The L.I.V.E. Success Strategy earned Sandra, not only the respect of both clients and colleagues, but made her an award-winning advisor.

Today, Sandra’s applies her studies in business management, entrepreneurship and Six Sigma certification in financial management systems, to guide, coach and consult countless women business owners every day.


“Our Wise Chick mission to help 10,000 women excel in entrepreneurship. The impact of 10,000 successful entrepreneurs will not only change the way business is done, it will change families and communities across the county.”



Entrepreneurship isn’t about the money. It’s about action and accomplishment. It's a

Sandra Price

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Success Coaching with Nicole

Wed 8:30 AM · Hosted by Nicole Comis, Certified Life Coach






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